Peter MitchisonSometimes you really need a coder

You can probably create a perfectly good web site using some of the excellent authoring software now available. Then you need something fancy with a database, special behaviour on the page or some behind-the-scenes processing. If that worries you ask me to help. For an agreed price I can do the coding and you can get on with something more important. Call me on +44(0)1380 813792 or email me at

Web Programming

Mostly we are talking about developing e-commerce web sites with complete back ends that do stock control, re-ordering and financial reports. Or perhaps you need a site to collect data for a survey and analyse the results. A sales incentive site that collects sales data and awards prizes. The possibilities are endless.

Javascript tricks and effects can make your site more interesting and improve the browsing experience. Changing part of a page or getting data from the server with an Ajax call is much faster that reloading the whole page.

When I do the work you get a system programmed from scratch. That means you can have whatever is possible on a web site — exactly as you want it. Designed for your business, not everybody else's.

I often build complete web sites to clients' designs and I am happy to work with your graphic designer. They can do their best creative work while I take care of the mechanics.

I specialise in Windows® hosted systems written in ASP.Net. The database of choice is Microsoft® SQL Server. The Express edition of Microsoft® SQL Server works very well and is available free from most hosting companies.

Special Accounting Systems

My background is in business systems, however. I have written bespoke accounting systems for companies in different industries. These are serious projects and require extensive analysis and planning but the degree of integration possible with a purpose built system can make a big difference to the efficiency of your business. I can create these systems at a reasonable price so maybe you can justify the expense.

Business Applications

It may be that you need an application to help with a part of your operation. I have written a number of systems for production control and stock control. Even one for printing and shipping posters to bank branches.

Please call me on +44(0)1380 813792 to talk about your requirements.

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